January 11, 2016

Jia Jia Tang Bao


If I had 1 hour in Shanghai, this is the place I would visit. Every time. No exception.

Shanghai is famous for many things, and xiao long bao is one of those things, a very special kind of dumpling. XLB’s are tiny packets of love, delicate pouches full of hot soup, pork and crab meat. The most perfect version of them you will find at Jia Jia, a food joint by the north end of People´s Square.

Eating them is not a simple task – they are so delicate that any mishandling will leave you with a soupless dumpling and a very wet table. You have to pick them up gently, by the tip, and carefully bite one side. Then you can drink the soup, but beware! Contents are HOT. Finally, add a bit of vinegar and dried chile and finish the rest. Just pay attention to the locals.

Go around lunch time and you’re bound to stand in line for at least 45 minutes. Go any later and the risk is worse, they might be out for the day. Order the dumplings by the basket (called a long), it comes with 12 pieces and costs around $4 usd.

90 Huanghe Rd
200003 Huangpu, Shanghai


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